Cobra Tanks has developed a patented method of building welded stainless steel tanks and silos on site. The innovative coil construction adds strength and ease to building circular tanks and silos, without lifting devices, requiring only a small crew. This method provides increased reinforcement eliminating the need for extra internal reinforcing improving seismic and pressure factors.

Cobra Tanks stainless steel tanks are designed for variety of applications. Tanks may be designed to hold potable water, fire service water, irrigation water, brewery liquids, viniculture reserve and waste water. Cobra Tanks has unlimited potential in agricultural, and anaerobic digesters. The tank design and construction provides water tight and durable storage resulting in a quality product.

Cobra Tanks can be constructed inside buildings, in confined spaces. All equipment is portable and can be easily transported by roadway or airlifted into remote areas. This patented method results in shorter construction times.

During construction the tank can be fitted with walkways, railings, ladders, stairs, vents, access hatches, drains, flanges in accordance to the customers specific requirement. Finally the top and bottom edges of the tank are cut parallel to the ground. The bottom edge is welded directly to the stainless steel tank floor. Customers have the choice between fixed, floating or no covering. The finished tank will have a smooth stainless steel finish that can be painted if required.

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